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A Family Law Attorney Can Advocate for Your Parental and Visitation Rights

Obtaining parental rights requires a petition

The Law Office of Gordon B. Fine helps parents in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties enforce their rights for visitation with their children.

During custody litigation, the court awards an order for custody, which gives responsibility for the care, control and support of a child to one or both parents or to another party. We help a parent or grandparent file a petition in family court to ask that the child be placed in his or her custody. That petition is served on the person who has custody.

When both parties agree about custody, the judge may enter an order of custody without a formal hearing. But if the two parties don’t agree, a hearing becomes necessary. In some cases, the child may also be represented by legal counsel. The court may order an investigation to determine what is in the best interest of the child, which is always the court’s main concern.

Obtaining visitation rights also requires a petition

A non-custodial parent who wants visitation may need to file a petition in family court against the custodial parent or the person with custody of the child. While custody and visitation matters go hand-in-hand and are often heard in the same hearing, they may also be handled separately. The main factor for visitation is whether it is in the child’s best interest.

It is helpful to have a family attorney to represent you in adoption, parental rights or visitation matters. The Law Office of Gordon B. Fine has successfully handled many cases to advocate for the rights of those seeking custody and visitation. We manage the filing of petitions and represent your needs at hearings. We stand by you throughout the entire process.

Denials of visitation can be fought

If you are the non-custodial parent and the custodial parent denied you visitation, you can take action. With our help, you can file a petition seeking visitation.

Make sure your voice is heard in custody and visitation matters

The Law Office of Gordon B. Fine, located in Yorktown Heights, advocates for those who seek to pursue their rights for custody and visitation. An experienced family law attorney can be your greatest ally. Call us today at 914-245-6250 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. We offer MasterCard and Visa payment plans for the convenience of our clients.


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