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Defense Against Probation Violations Takes Legal Know-How

Let a criminal law attorney protect your rights

The Law Office of Gordon B. Fine defends the rights of those accused of violating probation in the communities of Dutchess, Putnam and Westchester Counties.

With more than 25 years of criminal law experience, we know how to combat probation violations due to either a new criminal offense or declaration of delinquency. If you have received such a declaration of delinquency directing that you appear before the court, Attorney Gordon B. Fine can effectively represent your interests and protect your rights during the hearing.

Terms and conditions of probation are given in writing at the time of sentencing

New York law determines probation terms and conditions. The severity of the terms depends on the nature of the crime and can include:

  • Avoiding undesirable people, places or habits
  • Steady work at a suitable job or training to equip the defendant for suitable employment
  • Medical or psychiatric treatment
  • Participation in alcohol, substance abuse or motor vehicle accident prevention programs
  • Compliance with dependent support and other family responsibilities
  • Making restitution, reparation or posting bond
  • Community service hours
  • Use of ignition interlock device
  • Regular reporting to a probation officer
  • Electronic monitoring device
  • Commitment of no other offenses
  • Not leaving the jurisdiction
  • Drug testing
  • A search of your person an/or home

If you ignore, avoid, refuse or violate any of the specific terms and conditions of your probation sentence, you may be charged with a probation violation. The court can modify or increase the conditions if you commit another offense or violate a condition, or can revoke probation altogether.

If you have received a declaration of delinquency, contact a criminal defense attorney

The Law Office of Gordon B. Fine, located in Yorktown Heights, has helped those charged with probation violations since 1993. Call us now at 914-245-6250 or contact us online to tell us about your situation in a free initial consultation. If this is an emergency, call us anytime.


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